Graduate Program


The graduate programs in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) offer students a broad range of cutting-edge research areas led by faculty who are world renowned experts in their respective fields. Active research programs span topics related to Polymer Science, Biological Engineering, Mathematical Modeling, Environmental Engineering and Transport Phenomena. More detail about each of the areas is provided via the “Research” tab at the top of the page. The laboratories available to CBE students are state-of-the-art facilities. Opportunities for collaboration with many other programs across the University are abundant - examples include Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Clinical Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Microbiology, and many more! Please see the “Frequently Asked Questions” below, and click on the Admissions Requirements link at the left for information about how to apply.

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado State University is perfectly positioned as a gateway to the Rocky Mountains; with its superb climate (over 300 days of sunshine per year), there are exceptional opportunities for outdoor pursuits including hiking, biking, skiing and rafting. Fort Collins offers a wealth of cultural opportunities and great restaurants to be enjoyed in a beautiful setting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What degree programs are available?

We offer Ph.D., M.S., and M.E. degrees in Chemical Engineering. The Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) degree is the highest academic degree offered by the University. Both the Ph.D. and the M.S. (Master of Science) degrees involve coursework and research components. Students in these degree programs produce a research document (e.g. dissertation or thesis). The M.E. (Master of Engineering) is a coursework-only degree, requiring 30 credit hours of coursework. No research or thesis are required for the M.E. degree.

I am interested in a Ph.D., but I don’t have a Master’s degree. Which degree program should I apply to?

Students who are interested in ultimately earning a Ph.D. degree should apply to the Ph.D. degree program. Many students are admitted to (and later graduate from) the Ph.D. program without a Master’s degree. Others are admitted to the Ph.D. program, and earn an M.S. degree at CSU while working towards their goal of obtaining a Ph.D. Since we admit only the number of students corresponding to the funded positions we have available, highly qualified students who desire a Ph.D. but apply to the M.S. program might be overlooked when we evaluate our Ph.D. applicants for those positions. 

I am an international student. Do you admit international students?

We do admit international applicants to all of our graduate degree programs. Applicants from international students are reviewed in the same process as applicants from domestic students. We have no quotas for admission of either international or domestic students.

What are the minimum requirements (e.g. GRE, GPA, undergraduate degree, etc.) for admission?

Each semester, the Department admits the best qualified applicants whose interests and backgrounds match the particular positions that are available at the time. For this reason, we do not guarantee admission to applicants with specific minimum qualifications. Highly motivated students with bachelor’s degrees in fields other than chemical engineering are occasionally admitted to our graduate programs. These applicants often require some additional prerequisites to prepare for our graduate courses. Please see the additional information here, and email the graduate adviser for more information before applying.

How do I apply?

Please see the Admissions Requirements link at the right. To be considered for admission, applicants must formally apply to a degree program through the Graduate School, and send required materials to the Department. Application deadlines are listed at the bottom of the page. (Please do not request that faculty members review your qualifications before applying, as we cannot consider applicants who do not apply to the University, nor can faculty offer their evaluations of applicants’ potential outside of our formal application and admission process.)

How are graduate students supported?

Applicants admitted to the Ph.D. program are supported with a competitive stipend and full tuition. Some applicants may also be funded by their own fellowships or research awards. Some M.S. applicants may be offered support if positions are available; other M.S. and M.E. students are self-supported.

When will I find out whether I have been admitted?

All applications received by the deadline (see below) are evaluated shortly after the deadline. However, available funding for new students might not be clear at that time. The Department usually begins making offers of admission within two weeks of the application deadline. Some well-qualified applicants may receive offers as late as several weeks following the application deadline as positions become available. If you are waiting to hear from the Department and you have other offers you are considering, feel free to email the Graduate Adviser requesting an update of the status of your application.

Can I visit the Department?

If you are planning to be in the Northern Colorado area and would like to schedule a visit, contact the Graduate Adviser by email to make arrangements. Students in the U.S. who are admitted usually will receive an invitation to visit the Department, but all applicants are welcome to visit.

Application Deadlines
All application materials must be received by the following dates:
Fall semester: January 15
Spring semester: September 15
Inquiries about the graduate program may be directed to Graduate Adviser