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Dr. Reisfeld's Research


Research Interests:
Dr. Reisfeld’s research interests lie in areas of biological and biomedical science that are relevant to human health and areinterdisciplinary in nature. His focus, at present, is in examining the fate of xenobiotics (drugs and toxicants) in the body. This includes examining the issues of biodistribution, clearance, and especially metabolism as they relate to the formation and elimination of reactive metabolites involved in carcinogenesis and other adverse health effects.
His current projects include (i) developing an approach using computational methods coupled with targeted experimentation for the analysis and prediction of xenobiotic metabolism, (ii) creating computer-assisted methodologies for examining cytochrome P450 isozyme binding of ligands, (iii) using physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling and Monte Carlo analyses to predict the biodistribution of probe compounds in the body, and (iv) using NMR imaging to investigate the very early stages of chemically-induced carcinogenesis.

More details of Dr. Reisfeld's research may be found on the websites of the Systems and Computational Biology Research Group ( and the Quantitative and Computational Toxicology Research Group (

CYP3a pcb126 rxn-network

Teaching Interests:
Process Simulation (CBE 330)
Heat and Mass Transfer Fundamentals (CBE 332)
Computational Toxicology/Pharmacology (ERHS 580)

Selected Publications:
Yang R.S. H., Mayeno A., Liao K.H., Reardon K.F., and Reisfeld B. Integration of PBPK and Reaction Network Modeling: Predictive Xenobiotic Metabolomics. ALTEX accepted for publication.

Mayeno A., Yang R.S.H, Reisfeld B. Biochemical Reaction Network Modeling: Predicting Metabolism of Organic Chemical Mixtures. Env. Sci. Tech. 39 (14), 5363-71, 2005.

Yang R.S.H, El-Masri H., Thomas R.S., Dobrev I.D., Dennison J.E., Bae D., Campain J.A., Liao K.H., Reisfeld B., Andersen M.E., Mumtaz M. Chemical Mixture Toxicology: From Descriptive to Mechanistic, and Going on to In Silico Toxicology. Env. Tox. Pharm. 18 (2), 65-81, 2004.

Reisfeld B., Yang R.S.H. A Reaction Network Model for CYP2E1-Mediated Metabolism of Toxicant Mixtures. Env. Tox. Pharm. 18 (2), 173-179, 2004.

Reisfeld B., Mayeno A., Yang R.S.H. Predictive Metabolomics: The Use Of Biochemical Reaction Network Modeling for the Analysis of Toxicant Metabolism. Drug Met. Rev. 36, Suppl. 1, 2004.