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Laurence Belfiore
Email: Laurence.Belfiore@ColoState.EDU
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Dr. Belfiore's Research

Dr. Belfiore joined the department in 1983 after a period of post-doctoral research at AT&T Bell Laboratories. His major research interests focus on the phase behavior of polymer blends in the presence of electric fields, polymeric transition-metal complexes that exhibit synergistic macroscopic properties, lanthanide thermophysical property modifiers and hydrogen promoters for water-soluble polymers with applications in controlled release and water purification, and solic state NMR spectroscopy of polymeric materials. His work in these areas has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Petroleum Research Fund of the American Chemical Society, Exxon Chemical Company, Asahi Chemical Industry, and the Army Research Office. His international collaborations have attracted post-doctoral research associates and visiting scientists from Japan, Korea, China, Brazil, Russia and Canada. He has developed an advanced undergraduate/graduate textbook on the applications of transport phenomena for chemical reactor design.