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Evaluating Efficacy and Safety of Drugs


Dr. Brad Reisfeld and collaborators were awarded a two year, $500,000 grant from the Food and Drug Administration to support a project entitled "Enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and usability of Bayesian population PBPK modeling". Population physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models (pop-PBPK) are powerful tools that allow scientists to better understand the variability in drug concentrations among individuals in a population. Funding from this grant will allow Dr. Reisfeld and co-workers to develop an integrated software platform that is expected to lead to more widespread adoption of the pop-PBPK approach and provide scientists with an effective tool to evaluate and improve the efficacy and safety of drugs.


Keck Foundation Award


Brian Munsky


Within the tiniest of spaces – single molecules in single cells – CSU scientists are aiming for something huge: illuminating in never-before-seen detail exactly how viruses hijack their host cells.

Life science researchers Tim Stasevich and Brian Munsky have received a four-year, $1.2 million grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation for a project that combines sensitive microscopes and sophisticated computation to quantify protein expression in single cells. Their project is titled “Multiplexed Real-Time Quantification of RNA to Protein Translation in Live Cells,” and is bolstered by additional support from CSU.
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q-bio 2016 - Expansion in Sight

Quantitative biology is a growing field, and CSU is leading efforts to expand its reach.

The q-bio Summer School and Conference is an annual, two-week event held on three campuses simultaneously (University of California, San Diego; University of New Mexico and Colorado State University), followed by the one-week q-bio Student Symposium and q-bio Conference. Next year’s q-bio program will be hosted centrally at CSU, led by Brian Munsky, assistant professor in the College of Engineering’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

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Jean Peccoud - Abell Chair in Synthetic Biology


Jean Peccoud, the newly appointed Abell Chair in Synthetic Biology and newest faculty member in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is featured in the CSU publication Source. Read the entire article here.


IMFlash supports ChemE Car


February 26, 2016. IMFlash presents a check for $500 to the department’s award winning ChemE Car Team





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